News platforms

Media channels (such as newspapers, TV, radio, and online platforms) can play an important role in disseminating M&E results, shaping public opinion, and holding entities accountable.

Media can play positive and negative roles in a national M&E system, such as perpetuating fake news or accurately reporting M&E findings, which can inform the public and maintain checks and balances by holding the government accountable.

When exploring the role of media in a national M&E system, it is useful to explore the extent to which the media draws upon M&E evidence in their reports. It can also be helpful to understand whether training or support is available to help the media understand M&E evidence.


In Mexico, CONEVAL regularly conducts workshops engaging media representatives to update them on ongoing evaluations. Whenever there's a significant evaluation set to be released, meetings with journalists are organised along with editorials explaining the results and their implications. Such practices ensure that when the media publicises these evaluations, they do so with an informed perspective.

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