Other relevant national policies

National policies

Policies not exclusively focused on M&E can also help create an enabling environment that enhances the effectiveness and integration of M&E practices within government operations.

This can include policies such as:

  • Performance management policies that set standards and expectations for government agencies and employees, often including the use of performance indicators that M&E systems track and evaluate.

  • Results-based budgeting policies link budget allocations to performance outcomes, necessitating a strong M&E system to provide evidence of what works and what doesn't to inform funding decisions.

  • Procurement policies can influence how government entities contract for goods and services, including M&E-related services. Effective procurement policies can facilitate hiring skilled evaluators and acquiring necessary tools for M&E activities.

  • Recruitment policies affect the hiring of personnel and can ensure that individuals with the necessary M&E skills are brought into the public service, thereby strengthening the internal capacity for M&E.

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