Recommendations tracking

Tracking recommendations, Track recommendations

Tracking recommendations involves keeping a transparent record of the responses to and action from recommendations.

Those given responsibility for responding to and taking action for each recommendation should also be identified to ensure follow up is easily tracked.


The following example is taken from How to manage an Evaluation and disseminate its Results (archived link)

An example of a Recommendation Tracking Matrix (RTM) and how it can be used

"The RTM requires a precise management response to evaluation recommendations.

When the evaluation report has been finalised, the evaluation manager should transfer its recommendations to the RTM and identify the unit responsible for responding to and taking action on each recommendation. For accountability reasons, it is important that the responsible unit is identified as specifically as possible (at least by unit, and preferably by sub-unit, e.g. country office finance unit). The momentum of the evaluation should be maintained by circulating the RTM immediately for management responses and planned follow-up action."

Evaluation recommendation
(January 2000)

Management response

Action officer/unit

Review of action taken
(September 2000)

1. Increase the involvement of NGOs in country X's CP design and implementation

This is agreed to be a weak point of the current CP; prior to the preparation of the next CP, the country office will identify ways of ensuring greater involvement of NGOs; a plan of action will be included in the upcoming CSO

Country Office Programme Unit

As per the CSO, the country office organises a series of workshops to ensure the involvement of interested/relevant parties (including NGOs) in the design of the CP






Key: CP = Country Programme, CSO = Country Strategy Outline, NGO = non-governmental organisation


United Nations World Food Programme, Office of Evaluation. (n.d.). How to manage an Evaluation and disseminate its Results. Retrieved from (archived link)

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