Supervised practice in teams

supervision, supervised practice

Supervision of practice is an approach often used in social work where it is expected that all practitioners will engage in regular discussions of and reflections on their practice; it is not an approach only intended to support novices.

The Australian Association of Social Work (AASW) provides Standards for Social Work Supervision where they define professional supervision in social work as:

"A forum for reflection and learning… an interactive dialogue between at least two people, one of whom is a supervisor. This dialogue shapes a process of review, reflection, critique and replenishment for professional practitioners. Supervision is a professional activity in which practitioners are engaged throughout the duration of their careers regardless of experience or qualification. The participants are accountable to professional standards and defined competencies and to organisational policy and procedures."

(Davys & Beddoe, 2010: 21)

The three functions of supervision are seen as: education, developing practice-based knowledge and skills; support, reflecting on strategies and support for self-care; and accountability, reviewing practice alongside local policies and procedures and ethical and practice standards.

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