Unusual events reporting

unusual incident reporting

The reporting of unusual events or incidents is important both for the sake of transparency and to improve policies and procedures.

Event and incident reporting can be done in a number of ways. In some sectors, such as in organisations or areas such as health, incident forms are made available to staff, participants, clients and other stakeholders. These can be filled out with details relevant to the incident and handed back to a designated person, such as a safety officer or manager, who can then file the report. These forms can also be made available on a website which can make them easily accessible and reduce concerns related to confidentiality and anonymity.


This online Unusual Event Report form for the Kansas Department of Agriculture (archived link) gives the public an opportunity to report unusual events related to the safety of a dam, such as such as emergency spillway flow, increase in volume or turbidity of seepage, earth slides, plugging of the principal spillway pipe.

Screenshot of an Unusual Event Report from the Kansas Dept. of Agriculture website

Kansas Department of Agriculture (2016). Unusual Event Report (2-620-rev). Retrieved from: https://agriculture.ks.gov/ksda-services/unusual-event(archived link)

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