Verbal Briefings

Verbal briefings are a way of providing specific information to an audience of interested participants allowing for a structured question and answer format based on that information. 

"Briefings are useful as a public relations activity when an identified group is going to be affected by a proposal. The use of existing meetings of social and civic clubs and organisations as a forum for briefings to inform and educate is often used.

Briefings may provide some preliminary ideas of community issues based on questions and feedback at the briefing.

Objectives: A briefing will inform stakeholders of a project, product or proposal and provide them with a chance to ask questions.

Outcomes: Providing a briefing or briefings will ensure that an organisation will be working with an informed stakeholder group."

Source: Department of Sustainability and Environment (2005).

Advice for using this method

  • "Prepare presentation materials using (e.g. PowerPoint, overhead transparencies, etc.) thinking about the specific interests of the target audience. Also, take printed material and have background information available.
  • Select groups and make offers for a briefing (telephone and/or send letters to confirm date and times). It is important to accommodate group/community needs as much as possible.
  • Clarify whether the groups are willing to promote the event, or whether you need to provide promotional material (flyers, posters, newsletter articles).
  • KISS - keep it simple and short.
  • Bring visuals if possible, and talk about case studies or personal experiences to illustrate the points you want to make.
  • Outline opportunities for ongoing participation."

Source: Department of Sustainability and Environment (2005).


Department of Sustainability and Environment. (2005). Book 3: The Engagement Toolkit.Effective Engagement: building relationships with community and other stakeholders, The Community Engagement Network Resource and Regional Services Division Victorian Government Department of Sustainability and Environment. Retrieved from

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