• Dr. Richard Kreuger on qualitative listening

    In this interview in The Listening Resource blog (August 29th, 2013), Susan Eliot talks to Dr.
  • Webinar recording: When the ‘field’ is online – qualitative data collection

    This NVIVO webinar explores ways that researchers can adapt their research approach using online data collection when face to face fieldwork isn’t possible.
  • Some nuts and bolts questions about coding

    This guest blog by Helen Marshall springs from discussions of the Qualitative Interest Group (QIG) that Helen coordinates. QIG meets monthly in Melbourne Australia to discuss issues around researching with qualitative data. QIG members incl
  • L’évaluation en contexte de développement

    Ce manuel est destiné aux personnes souhaitant s’initier à l’évaluation de programmes, en particulier en contexte de développement et de coopération internationale. À cet égard, tout en déroulant le fil d’une démarche évaluative classique, il présente…
  • Memos and journals for analysis

    Memos and journals are useful tools to support reflection, record-keeping, and rigour throughout qualitative data analysis.
  • Thematic coding

    Thematic coding is a form of qualitative analysis that involves recording or identifying passages of text or images that are linked by a common theme or idea allowing you to index the text into categories and therefore establish a “framewor
  • Clearing the fog: New tools for improving the credibility of impact claims

    This IIED Briefing Paper shows that the methods of process tracing and Bayesian updating can facilitate a dialogue between theory and evidence that allows for the assessing of the degree of confidence in ‘contribution claims’ in a transpare