• Information is Beautiful

    Created by David McCandless, a London-based data journalist and information designer, Information is Beautiful is a team of data viz enthusiasts who create visualisations of complex data, packaging it into beautiful, interesting an
  • Rule of Thirds Template for Slide Layout

    This blog post by Stephanie Evergreen of Evergreen Data illustrates how to take the classic photography compositional 'rule of thirds' and apply it to the creation of visually powerful slides.
  • Data visualization checklist

    Stephanie Evergreen (Evergreen Data) and Ann K.
  • Jason Davies data viz examples

    Jason Davies' website contains a large number of data viz examples, particular around geo data. It also contains some links to to tools, including a word cloud and tree map.
  • What is a Dashboard? Defining dashboards, visual analysis tools and other data presentation media

    The Dashboard Insight website contains a number of useful articles, examples and guides on the subject of Organizational Dashboards.
  • Evergreen Data

    Stephanie Evergreen's website and blog provides ample reading and guidance on data visualization techniques, taking a research-based approach to effective communication of ideas.
  • Qualitative chart chooser 3.0

    Qualitative Chart Chooser 3.0 is an updated version of Stephanie Evergreen and Jennifer Lyons attempt to organise different ways to show qualitative data.
  • Coolors

    Coolors is a colour palette generator.
  • 10 Techniques for building a google sheets dashboard

    This is a step-by-step guide for creating a dashboard with Google Sheets (a free, online spreadsheet application).
  • The data visualization design process: A step-by-step guide for beginners

    This online guide by Ann K. Emery walks user through the full process of creating a data visualisation, from understanding your audience, through to sharing your dataviz.
  • Week 13: Producing engaging and accessible evaluation reports

    This week we start the first in an ongoing series of Real-Time Evaluation Queries, where BetterEvaluation members ask for advice and assistance with something they are working on, together we suggest some strategies and useful resources - a
  • Week 15: Fitting reporting methods to evaluation findings – and audiences

    This week we're sharing some ideas from Rakesh Mohan on ways of making evaluation reports more interesting. 
  • Week 42: Dot plots, bullet charts, slopegraphs and more. We've updated our visualise data section!

    Following up from Stephanie Evergreen's seminar on Presenting data effectively,
  • Three ways to improve your DataViz

    If you’re like me, you think you’ve got a pretty good handle on data visualisation – you know how to make basic customisations to graphs in Excel, you know you should probably think carefully about whether or not to put that large table int
  • Editing reports for an audience

    Evaluation reporting is important.
  • Talking about visuals: A discussion with graphic recorder Katherine Haugh

    Often referred to as 'visual note-taking', graphic recording is a method that merges data collection and reporting to create a visual record of a discussion.
  • Infographics

    An infographic (information graphic) is a way of representing data visually so that the information is able to be quickly and easily understood.
  • Graphic recording

    Graphic recording is the translation of conversations into images and text on large sheets of paper during meetings and events.
  • Ushahidi

    Ushahidi is an open-source mapping and crowdsourcing tool that can be used by organizations to collect, manage and analyse crowdsourced info.