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Ushahidi is an open-source mapping and crowdsourcing tool that can be used by organizations to collect, manage and analyse crowdsourced info.

'"The Ushahidi name comes from the Swahili word for “testimony,” chosen upon our founding to reflect how our technology gave voice to the people of Kenya during a time of social and political unrest. We carry our commitment to amplifying voices, empowering communities and fostering change to this day, seeking to foster a world in which communities are thriving and just."

"The Platform has become an essential tool in addressing social, political and public health challenges and fostering meaningful change, including:

  • Relief efforts following earthquakes in Haiti and Nepal 
  • Supporting COVID-19 response and recovery worldwide
  • Ensuring fair elections in the US, Kenya and Nigeria
  • Monitoring and reporting corruption in Indonesia
  • Documenting police brutality in Portland during Black Lives Matter protests
  • Helping women address sexual violence in Egypt"

 (Ushahidi, 2022)


Ushahidi. (2022). Retrieved from

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