• Monitoring & evaluation of advocacy campaigns literature review

    This literature review, written by Cristina Mansfield for the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA), examines current thinking in the evaluation of advocacy.
  • The value iceberg: weighing the benefits of advocacy and campaigning

    BetterEvaluation Discussion Paper 1 is a thought piece written by Rhonda Schlangen and Jim Coe (independent consultants), members of the BetterEvaluation Community, and is intended to promote discussion.
  • The advocacy iceberg - episode 1: the value iceberg

    The pilot episode of this new podcast by Jim Coe features an interview with Rhonda Schlangen, co author with Jim of The Value Iceberg, a BetterEvaluation Discussion Paper about how the important elements of advocacy tend t
  • The hidden life of theories of change

    One common criticism of Theory of Change is that it is often used as a framework that fixes agreements rather than as a living, guiding tool that helps reflection and adaptation.
  • Week 48: The value iceberg

    Efforts to measure, quantify and compare the 'value' of different interventions have become popular as a way for social change organisations to decide how to use their time and money.
  • Public information about professional practice

    As part of its public advocacy role, a professional association can provide potential clients with information about engaging with evaluators effectively.