Public information about professional practice

As part of its public advocacy role, a professional association can provide potential clients with information about engaging with evaluators effectively.

We have not yet found examples of an evaluation association or society doing this. We share the following example from the International Association for Public Participation as a model of how an association might provide this information and what information might be provided about engaging an evaluator.


The International Association for Public Participation (IAP2): Guide to procuring engagement services

This 40-page guide, published by Consult Australia in collaboration with IAP2, provides guidance through the process of planning a project, selecting a consultant and working effectively with them.

Advice for choosing this method

Evaluation associations and societies could consider developing and promoting a knowledge product that provides a clear, brief statement about what good evaluation practice is and how to engage effectively with an external evaluator.

Peersman, G. and Rogers, P. (2017). Pathways to advance professionalisation within the context of the Australasian Evaluation Society. Melbourne: ANZSOG/BetterEvaluation. Retrieved from:

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