Evaluating the effects of international advocacy networks

This paper looks at some of the challenges that are present when evaluating the effects of the advocacy work of international change networks and provides an approach which may be used in these situations.

"This essay is an adaptation of my most recent writing on the broader subject of “Complexity and International Social Change Networks,” which is a chapter in a book by the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict.3 These networks almost by definition have an advocacy component, which often is their central activity. Furthermore, my belief is that to a greater or lesser extent, the challenges and the general evaluation methodology I outline in this essay are applicable to almost all social change organisations. I leave that judgement, however, to the reader." (Wilson-Grau, 2007)


  • The complex, open and dynamic challenge
  • Advocacy networks are unique organisations
  • Advocacy network stakeholders expect conventional forms of evaluation
  • Evaluating for results in an advocacy network
  • Participatory, developmental evaluation of advocacy network results


Wilson-Grau, R. (2008). Evaluating the effects of international advocacy networks. Retrieved from website: http://mande.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/evaluating-the-effects-of-international-advocacy-networks-ricardo-wilson-grau-20071.pdf

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