A study on the status of national evaluation policies and systems in the Asia Pacific region

This study documents the progress of countries in the Asia-Pacific region in developing National Evaluation Policies and Systems (NEPS).

Survey questions that were used as part of the assessment are included in the appendix.

For the 2022 NEPS status survey, four dimensions were considered for assessment:

Enabling environment

This dimension focuses on existing policy and parliamentary support for evaluations and their use. In absence of a central policy or law, institutionalization of evaluation remains weak. Support from parliamentarians is needed to lobby for a greater role of evaluations in decision making. 

Institutional capacities

This dimension looks at existing institutions responsible for evaluation at the national level, whether a dedicated evaluation office exists and if the supreme audit institution (SAI) conducts evaluations. 

Standardizing capacities

This dimension looks at ongoing efforts for standardizing evaluation practices and capacities in the countries, important for professionalization and maturity of evaluation systems.

VOPE capacities

VOPEs are main players in the national evaluation ecosystem as they bring together academicians, professionals, government officials, youth, and others. VOPEs can champion the NEPS in their countries.


Diwakar, Y., De Mel, R., Samarasinghe, H., Kayastha, R., Liyanagamage, M., Mahmodi, S., & Kalugampitiya, A., (2022). A Study on the Status of National Evaluation Policies and Systems in the Asia Pacific Region - 2022. Asia Pacific Evaluation Association.

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