A toolkit for designing climate change adaptation initiatives

This toolkit from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) aims to support those that are involved in Climate Change Adaption (CCA) initiatives by providing step-by-step guidance on designing interventions.


  • Making the case 8-11
  • Key Steps 12-13
  • Define the Climate Change Problem 15-18
  • Identify causes 19-26
  • Articulate desired (normative) response 28-30
  • Identify barriers to overcome 31-33
  • Formulate expected results 34-37
  • Building consensus 38-43
  • Checklist 44-45
  • List of Tools 46-50


UNDP Bureau of Development Policy (2010). A Toolkit for Designing Climate Change Adaptation Initiatives. New York, USA: UNDP Bureau of Development Policy. Retrieved from http://www.undp-adaptation.org/projects/websites/docs/KM/PublicationsResMaterials/UNDP_Adaptation_Toolkit_FINAL_5-28-2010.pdf