52 weeks of BetterEvaluation: Week 2: Conducting effective meetings

Patricia Rogers
Three people sitting at a table watch a man standing in front of a big piece of paper on a flipchart


Better meetings can improve the quality of decisions and the level of engagement of stakeholders.

There are many decisions to be made in an evaluation – its purpose and scope; the key evaluation questions; how different values will be negotiated; what should be the research design and methods for data collection and analysis; how information will be shared; what recommendations should be developed and how. 

These decisions are often made by a group of people, often in a face to face meeting. In many cases there is an attempt to involve stakeholders, especially intended users, in these decisions.  

The Asian Development Bank has produced the following guide to meetings, which can be helpful in planning meetings of a steering group, advisory group or other group.

Conducting effective meetings, Asian Development Bank

This guide describes different types of meetings and activities before, during and after meetings to improve their effectiveness.

Can you suggest other useful resources for running effective meetings for an evaluation?

Image credit: Meeting in the Office by antoniofurno, on Flickr