Conducting effective meetings

This paper from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) provides a number of strategies to ensure that meetings reach stated objectives in an engaging and productive manner.

"Meetings are essential in any form of human enterprise. These days, they are so common that turning the resources they tie up into sustained results is a priority in high-performance organizations. This is because they are potential time wasters: the other persons present may not respect their own time as much as you have come to respect yours, and it is therefore unlikely that they will mind wasting your time. Generic actions before, during, and after can make meetings more effective." (Serrat, 2009)


  • Background
  • Managing meetings
  • Generic tips for meeting management
  • The chairperson's role
  • Different kinds of meetings
  • Further reading


Serrat, O. (2009). Conducting effective meetings (March 2009 | 36). Asian Development Bank. Retrieved from website:

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