María Celeste Ghiano

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Celeste is the current general coordinator of ReLAC (Latin America and the Caribbean Network of Monitoring, Evaluation and Systematization) - 2021-2024. She is a Political Scientist, and holds a Ph.D. in Public Administration, with a dissertation about Professionalization in Evaluation in Latin America and the Caribbean. With more than 15 years as a lecturer and a researcher in political science and public administration – planning and evaluation - in different universities in Argentina and Latin America, and as a public policy trainer in Córdoba Subnational Government, she also coordinates different academic programs since 2015. Since 2015 she has worked as an international consultant about National Evaluation Capacities Development (NECD) for WFP- UN; DEval- FOCELAC+; UNICEF; UNESCO; FLACSO. Active member in EvaluAR (Argentinian Evaluation Network) since 2013 and Board member 2019-2021. Member of the Board of Trustees in IOCE, as ReLAC representative, and current chair of the Professionalization Task Force in IOCE. She is committed to promoting the Latin American perspective, with a particular emphasis on Southern Epistemologies and Reflexivity of Evaluators.

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  • The evaluation standards for Latin America and the Caribbean were developed by a working group of the Latin American and Caribbean Network for Monitoring, Evaluation and Systematization (ReLAC), with support from DEval’s evaluation capacity