Evaluation standards for Latin America and the Caribbean

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The evaluation standards for Latin America and the Caribbean were developed by a working group of the Latin American and Caribbean Network for Monitoring, Evaluation and Systematization (ReLAC), with support from DEval’s evaluation capacity development project FOCELAC.

The evaluation standards include both the common core of evaluation standards from other evaluation associations and organisations, as well as aspects which are unique to Latin America and the Caribbean. They were developed through a process of broad consultation.

This resource and the following information was contributed to BetterEvaluation by Celeste Ghiano.

Authors and their affiliation

María Celeste Ghiano; Andrea María Wehrle; Andrea Peroni Fiscarelli; Sergio Martinic Valencia; Marcia Itzel Checa Gutiérrez; Fabiola Amariles Erazo; Ana Luisa Guzmán; Luis Soberón Álvarez.

Key features of these evaluation standards

The document sets out proposed standards for evaluation in Latin America. It aims to contribute to the development of a common evaluation framework that provides guidance for obtaining high-quality evaluations, professional training and practice, facilitating communication between the actors, learning and knowledge production, and promoting an evaluation culture and social responsibility.

How have you used or intend on using this resource?

This could be used as a point of reference for evaluation projects or evaluation capacity strengthening in Latin America. It could also be used to inform research into evaluation quality and what strategies can be used to operationalize these standards.

Why would you recommend it to other people?

This resource is for those working in Latin America and also for others interested in culturally appropriate evaluation. It was developed through an extensive consultative process involving the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Monitoring, Evaluation and Systematization (ReLAC), the project of evaluation capacity development in Latin America (FOCELAC+),  the German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval). 

It is set out clearly and provides a useful framework for challenging our assumptions about what good evaluation involves and for supporting conversations between different stakeholders in evaluation about what should be considered relevant standards for evaluation and how they should be met.


Ghiano, M.C., Wehrle, A.M., Fiscarelli, A.P., Valencia, S.M., Gutiérrez, M.I.C., Erazo, F.A., Guzmán, A.L. & Álvarez, L.S. (2021). Evaluation Standards for Latin America and the Caribbean. 2ª revised edition. Retrieved from: https://plataforma.relac.net/contenido/26/27

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