Archive the evaluation report and data (if appropriate)

Available languages

There are benefits of an archive of evaluation data and/or reports in the way they can be used.

Such as:

  • to provide examples of well-conducted and well-reported on evaluations
  • to identify common weaknesses in evaluations which may indicate the need for specific guidance or training
  • to synthesize data across different evaluations (to answer questions such AS “Do these types of interventions work?” or “For whom, in what ways and under what circumstances do they work?”)
  • to share data (if appropriate) with other stakeholders such as to contribute to a larger data set on a particular theme or area of shared interest for further analysis


The following item is a potential output from this sub-step. Where possible, it might be useful to research other deliverables that have also been shown to be effective.

  • Archive of evaluation reports and/or evaluation data

IDRC-specific information

IDRC maintains, in its online open-access digital library, a repository of evaluations conducted throughout IDRC’s history.  The repository currently holds close to 1000 evaluations.