Conference co-presentations

Conference co-presentations take place when evaluators and evaluation commissioners or users jointly present findings or discussions about processes from an evaluation.

There are many benefits of conducting a presentation with a co-presenter. It can help to share the load, both in terms of the preparation as well as the weight of engaging with an audience for the duration of the presentation, freeing up the non-speaking presenter(s) to monitor the audience's response. It can make presentations seem more dynamic and engaging to an audience, and presenters are able to feed off each others' energy, as well as pick up or jump in if the other presenter starts to flounder or goes off track.  Additionally, there is much to be gained by combining the different knowledge, strengths and areas of expertise of multiple presenters.

Advice for using this method

  • Make sure you allocate time before the presentation to go over each others' roles and expectations:
    • Who will create the slides
    • What content each will cover
    • Who will be responsible for fielding questions
    • What the overall tone of the presentation will be
    • Who will be monitoring the time
  • Pay attention to your co-presenter's signals and energy during the conference
    • Good communication makes presentations appear much more professional and run more smoothly
  • Make it clear how you will signal to the other that you are handing the floor to them
    • Hand signals or vocal cues such as intonation can be used as ways of indicating a change of speaker
    • Making eye contact or subtle body language (e.g. raising a finger) could indicate that you would like to add something
    • Placing your finger on your wrist can indicate that time is running out
  • Make references to your co-presenter's content (eg. 'As X said earlier), and if there are differences of opinion between presenters, address these tactfully to give the audience the full benefit of your collective ideas (e.g. 'X has offered one viewpoint on this matter already. Another way of looking at this is...") (LTConsulting, 2011)


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