Self-assessment is an individual reflection on one's skills, knowledge and attitudes related to evaluation competencies.

This can be a useful tool to identify professional development needs and to plan the composition of evaluation teams.

These are often done with reference to a list of competencies. Other times they can be done with reference to a set of skills or a set of questions.


In 1973, Evelyn Brzezinski and Unhai Ahn developed a Self-Assessment of Evaluation Skills Instrument (SAES) for training evaluation personnel in evaluation (Brzezinski and Ahm, 1973).

Advice for using this method

  • Individuals can use existing competency lists or assessment scales to reflect on their own abilities and guide their professional development plans
  • Organisations, evaluation associations and societies may consider developing their own self-assessment tools based around agreed competencies for members and encouraging members to make use of this.

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