The Rainbow Framework project

The Rainbow Framework was created to make it easy to learn about the different evaluation methods and processes that can be used to undertake each evaluation task, and to develop a better understanding of when to use them.

It was created to help people: 

  1. Design and plan an evaluation
  2. Check the quality of an ongoing evaluation
  3. Commission and manage and evaluation
  4. Embed participation thoughtfully in evaluation
  5. Develop evaluation capacity

The Rainbow Framework has information on more than 300 evaluation methods and processes, and more than 20 evaluation approaches curated and co-created with our international partners and contributors.

It organises all the steps in evaluation into 7 clusters of tasks: Manage, Define, Frame, Describe, Understand Causes, Synthesise, and Report and Support Use.

Our goal is to be able to provide evidence-based guidance and decision support for choosing all evaluation methods and processes. The research needed to produce this evidence is still being done, and you can be part of it. Help us build this knowledge by contributing content to the BetterEvaluation website.

The Rainbow Framework