Adaptive management project

While focused especially on international development, this series is relevant to wider areas of public good activity, especially in a time of global pandemic, uncertainty and an increasing need for adaptive management.

This series is funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and a technical cooperation grant provided by Evaluation Department, Norwegian Agency for Development (Norad).

What is adaptive management?

To some extent, all management needs to be adaptive – meaning that implementation does not simply involve enacting plans but also modifying them in response to changes in circumstances or understanding. This is not the focus of the papers in this series.

This series is focused on the implications of an ‘adaptive management’ which goes beyond usual levels of adaptation to be more of a paradigm shift in response to uncertainty and complexity.

Adaptive management is different to usual ‘good management’, which uses information to inform decisions and take actions. Adaptive management involves deliberately taking actions in order to learn and adapt as needed under conditions of ongoing uncertainty.

Adaptive management working papers

Adapting evaluation in the time of COVID-19 blog series

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