• Evaluation reporting: A guide to help ensure use of evaluation findings

    This guide addresses the issue of ensuring that evaluation findings are used by stakeholders.
  • Canva

    Canva is a very simple, free to use, online infographic creation platform. It has a drag and drop interface and a range of templates that you can adapt.
  • The psychology of climate change communication: A guide for scientists, journalists, educators, political aides, and the interested public

    This guide by the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions, while focused on communicating research on climate change, will be useful for anyone interested in the theory behind communication and behaviour change and those who need to
  • Cartoons

    Cartoon images can be used by evaluators to an understanding of program impact, scenes of program implementation, main findings or issues.
  • 7 Strategies to improve evaluation use and influence - Part 2

    This is the second of a two-part blog on strategies to support the use of evaluation, building on a session the BetterEvaluation team facilitated at the American Evaluation Association conference last year.
  • Talking about visuals: A discussion with graphic recorder Katherine Haugh

    Often referred to as 'visual note-taking', graphic recording is a method that merges data collection and reporting to create a visual record of a discussion.
  • Reporting on outcomes: Setting performance expectations and telling performance stories

    This paper by John Mayne provides a practical guide to telling performance stories and setting expectations about what level of performance was expected.
  • Reporting and supporting evaluation use and influence: Tips from evaluators

    Evaluation use is a key issue for the evaluation community. The aim of evaluation is to be influential, so it should be of use to policymakers, programme developers, project planners and managers.
  • Writing for utilisation

    Evaluators need to communicate better and foster the utilisation of evaluation findings through clear and engaging writing.
  • L’évaluation en contexte de développement

    Ce manuel est destiné aux personnes souhaitant s’initier à l’évaluation de programmes, en particulier en contexte de développement et de coopération internationale. À cet égard, tout en déroulant le fil d’une démarche évaluative classique, il présente…