The Prose and Cons of Poetic Representation in Evaluation Reporting

"[T]his article… make[s] a case for and demonstrate[s] the use of poetic transcription as one form of presenting evaluation findings." (MacNeil, 2000 p. 359)

"Taking language from focus group interviews, [the author] construct[s] a poem intended to provoke report readers to engage in a process of reflective meaning making about the program being evaluated. [The author also] discuss[es] [her] rationale for using poetic transcription as a form of evaluation reporting, the option by which [she] constructed the representation, and the reactions of the different stakeholders involved in the evaluation." (MacNeil, 2000, p. 359)


MacNeil, C. (2000). The prose and cons of poetic representation in evaluation reporting. American Journal of Evaluation, 21(3), 359-367. Retrieved from html

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