• How to design an M&E framework for a policy research project

    This Methods Lab guidance note focuses on the designing and structuring of a monitoring and evaluation framework for policy research projec
  • DIY M&E: A step-by-step guide to building a monitoring and evaluation framework

    This guide, written by Dana Cross of Grosvenor Management Consulting, gives an overview of how to create an M&E framework.
  • Public Impact Fundamentals and Observatory

    The Public Impact Fundamentals are a framework developed by the Centre for Public Impact to assess what makes a successful policy outcome and describe what can be done to maximise the chances of achieving public impact.
  • Developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks + framework template

    This book, written by Anne Markiewicz and Ian Patrick, offers a step-by-step guide to developing a monitoring and evaluation framework.
  • 4 tips for planning your policy research M&E

    In this guest blog post, Tiina Pasanen, from the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), lays out four key ideas to keep in mind when designing an M&E framework for a policy research project
  • Why do programs benefit from developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks?

    This guest blog is by Anne Markiewicz, Director of Anne Markiewicz and Associates, a consultancy that specialises in developing Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks.
  • From paper to practice: Supporting the uptake of high-level M&E frameworks

    Evaluation frameworks are often developed to provide a common reference point for evaluations of different projects that form a program, or different types of evaluations of a single program. 
  • Australian Volunteers program monitoring, evaluation and learning framework

    This example of a monitoring, evaluation and learning framework sets out the approach to assessing the performance of the Australian Volunteers Program. This resource and the following information was contributed by Jo Hall.
  • Evaluation framework

    An evaluation framework (sometimes called a Monitoring and Evaluation framework, or more recently a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning framework) provides an overall framework for evaluations across different programs or different evaluati