• Action and reflection: a guide for monitoring and evaluating participatory research

    This paper from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) was designed to support those involved in participatory research and development projects with monitoring and evaluation strategies.
  • Participatory Video and the Most Significant Change. A guide for facilitators

    The toolkit is designed to support you in planning and carrying out evaluation using PV with the MSC technique, or PVMSC for short.
  • Week 50: Feedback loops – new buzzword, old practice?

    Recently, I had the good fortune to start collaboration with The MasterCard Foundation, which is strongly committed to what it calls ‘listening deeply and elevating voices’.
  • Participation not for you? Four reflections that might just change your mind

    ​​​This month we start a series on participation in evaluation by Leslie Groves and Irene Guijt. This blog series aims to explore one simple question: How can we best open up evaluation processes to include those intended to benefit from a specific proj
  • Positioning participation on the power spectrum

    In the second blog in the 4-part series about participation in evaluation, Irene Guijt and Leslie Groves focus on making power relationships and values in 'participatory' evaluation processes explicit to avoid tokenistic participation.
  • Choices about voices

    In this third blog in the participation in evaluation series, Irene Guijt and Leslie Groves share frameworks to approach and make decisions about the level of stakeholder involvement during different evaluation stages.
  • Still Hesitating? Let's bust some myths around increasing stakeholder participation in evaluation

    In the final blog in the 4-part series, Leslie Groves and Irene Guijt address some of the most common forms of resistance to increasing levels of participation in evaluation.
  • What does it mean to ‘un-box’ evaluation?

    This guest blog by Jade Maloney is the first in a series about un-boxing evaluation – the theme of aes19 in Sydney, Australia.
  • L’évaluation en contexte de développement

    Ce manuel est destiné aux personnes souhaitant s’initier à l’évaluation de programmes, en particulier en contexte de développement et de coopération internationale. À cet égard, tout en déroulant le fil d’une démarche évaluative classique, il présente…
  • Data party

    A data party is a time-limited event of several hours where diverse stakeholders come together to collectively analyse data that have been collected.