A report on the mini-participatory learning and action (PLA) exercise in Zambia

This report is a concise summary of research evaluating the suitability and availability of reproductive health services for youth in Zambia using the Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) approach. 


  • Background
  • Data and Methods
  • Findings
  • Implications


Sambisa, W. & Chibbamulilo P.M. (1999) A Qualitative Study of Reproductive Health Needs and Service Utilization by Youth in Lusaka, Zambia: Report of a Mini-Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) Exercise. Lusaka, Zambia: John Snow Inc./Service Expansion and Technical Support. Retrieved from http://www.pathfinder.org/publications-tools/pdfs/A-Report-on-the-Mini-Participatory-Learning-and-Action-PLA-Exercise-in-Zambia.pdf?x=77&y=15