• Expectations about identifying and documenting “Lessons Learned”

    This guide by Rick Davies was originally developed as guidance for a workshop for project partners involved in Indonesian health projects. It offers advice on identifying and appropriately writing effective Lessons Learnt paragraphs.
  • What is a lesson learnt?

    A short one-page guide on identifying Lessons Learnt and best practices, which also offers tips on formulating Lessons Learnt paragraphs.
  • UNICEF: Innovations, Lessons Learned and Good Practices

    This page on UNICEF's website brings together a range of Lessons Learnt, best practices and innovations that have emerged from UNICEF's programs and evaluations over the past five years.
  • Identifiying and documenting “Lessons Learned”: A list of references

    Monitoring and Evaluation NEWS, a news service focusing on developments in monitoring and evaluation methods relevant to development programmes with social development objectives that is managed by Rick Dav