UNICEF: Innovations, Lessons Learned and Good Practices

This page on UNICEF's website brings together a range of Lessons Learnt, best practices and innovations that have emerged from UNICEF's programs and evaluations over the past five years. It's purpose is to make these available so that external audiences, particularly development practitioners and country level partners, can benefit from these.


"Identifying, validating and documenting "innovations, lessons learned and good practices" are a necessary part of organizational learning and the pursuit of programme excellence. These processes also help in the generation of new ideas, improved demonstration of human rights-based approaches, and promotion of evidence-based policy advocacy. 

Recognizing the importance of cross-fertilization, UNICEF is currently looking into making selected innovations, lessons learned and good practices available to external audiences, mainly for development practitioners and country level partners."


UNICEF (2013). 'Innovations, Lessons Learned and Good Practices'. UNICEF [Webpage]. Retrieved from: http://www.unicef.org/innovations/

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