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  • System for Transformation and Results (STAR)

    This resource is an overview of STAR (System for Transformation and Results) which is a system developed by Root Change to "produce data signatures for six performance “drivers”, capacities that were
  • Outcome Mapping: a realistic alternative for planning, monitoring and evaluation

    This background note from Overseas Development Institute (ODI), gives an overview of Outcome Mapping (OM) which can be used as an approach to planning, monitoring, and evaluating social change initiative
  • Capacity Development: We know it’s important, but how do we measure its outcomes?

    This resources describes how Global Giving developed a system of using storytelling "as a way to measure capacity and performance of organizations in the field." (Lake)
  • Developing Capacity, Improving Performance

    This paper discusses Pact's Organizational Performance Index which is used to analyse organisational change, particularly with regard to performance and the link between capacity development inputs an
  • Introduction to the Advocacy Core Capacity Assessment Tool

    This paper provides an outline of TCC Group's Advocacy Core Capacity Assessment Tool which is used to gain an understanding of what capacity to build and how to measure it.
  • Descriptive and multivariate statistics

    In this chapter from Exploring Crime Analysis Readings on Essential Skills, the key principles of descriptive and multivariate statistics are demonstrated so as to provide practitioners with the basic foundations of research
  • Frequency distribution tables

    This webpage from Statistics Canada, demonstrates how to construct four different types of frequency distribution tables.
  • An Introduction to Data Mining

    This webpage, produced by Kurt Thearling, provides an extensive overview of data mining and its applications. The page includes specific examples and links to a tutorial and research papers on data mining.
  • The National Centre for Text Mining

    This website, produced by the National Centre for Text Mining (NaCTeM) provides a variety of valuable resources on text mining. These include a range of tools, tutorials and publications that cater for
  • Develop planning documents for the evaluation or M&E system

    Develop a formal plan which sets out how an individual evaluation or a range of M&E activities will be undertaken.
    Rainbow Framework
  • A Report on the Mini-Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) Exercise in Zambia

    This report is a concise summary of research evaluating the suitability and availability of reproductive health services for youth in Zambia using Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) Approach. 
  • How to do cross tabulations

    This webpage provides basic instructions on doing cross tabulations effectively.
  • Cross Tabulation: Quick Guide

    This short YouTube video clealry explains the process for doing cross tabulations.
  • Polldaddy Online Research Tool

    Polldaddy allows you to create web-based polls, surveys and quizzes allowing the collection of data via a website or email.
  • Getting started with computer-assisted qualitative data analysis

    This chapter from Gibbs' (2007) Analyzing Qualitative Data, clearly describes the different options of using computers to assist with qualitative analysis and provides examples of the different types of software available to complete this t
  • Analysing qualitative data

    This guide describes a simple approach to analysing and interpreting qualitative data or content analysis.
  • Analyzing Qualitative Data for Evaluation

    This guide describes the qualitative data analysis process, including sections on planning, analyzing, and advantages and disadvantages of this data.
  • Seeking Surprise: Rethinking monitoring for collective learning in rural resource management

    This PhD Thesis from Irene Guijt draws on her extensive knowledge and experience in the field of rural resource management in Brazil.
  • NVivo 10: Getting Started

    This guide provides an overview of installing and using NVivo and the steps involved with beginning a new project.
  • Review evaluation (do meta-evaluation)

    Decide processes to review the evaluation process, findings, and conclusions drawn.
    Rainbow Framework