10 things to know about evaluation

Evaluation is essential to good development. But there are still many myths and misconceptions about what it is - and how it should be used. In support of the International Year of Evaluation 2015, the Overseas Development Institute put together their essential 'things to know' about evaluation in 10 infographics. 

The 10 things to know are based on their experience doing evaluation, their involvement in BetterEvaluation, their work with the Impact Evaluation Methods Lab and their long-running coordination of the Outcome Mapping Learning Community. The blog, Communicating evaluation to non-evaluators, tells the story behind the infographic. 

The messages include:

  1. We can't do development without it
  2. It's all in the detail
  3. Evaluation involves everyone
  4. Monitoring and evaluation are not the same thing
  5. 'Failures' are important
  6. Evaluation comes in all shapes and sizes
  7. Evaluation is question-driven
  8. Context is paramount
  9. It's not just at the end
  10. Findings need to be communicated


Overseas Development Institute, London. 2015.