3D Impact Analysis: A New Tool to Approach Impact Evaluations

In this seminar, Rob D. van den Berg proposes an approach to ‘3D impact analysis’ which starts from the recognition that demand for impact evidence is wide ranging and should be analysed structurally before it can be met by evaluations. This will become more important with the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals that ask for a more holistic and integrated perspective of development.


"Impact evaluations with a focus on experimentation tend to look for relatively straightforward interventions in circumstances that can be controlled. This limitation of experimental evaluations has been attacked by opponents as insufficient for complex interventions in dynamic contexts, which they imply is the case for most development interventions. However, rather than to look at this as conflicting perspectives, we should aim to integrate and give each approach its proper place.

Through identifying the demand for impact evidence through a more structural analysis (of time, space, and scale) this will help in finding the most appropriate evaluation tools and methods for evaluations. The seminar will introduce the 3D analytical framework and how it can provide inspiration for the most appropriate scientific methods to address requests for impact evidence.

This seminar is part of the Centre for Development Impact seminar series and is open to the public."



CDI Seminar by Rob van den Berg: ‘3D impact analysis: a new tool to approach impact evaluations’ by Ids (Uk) on Mixcloud



van den Berg, R. D. (2015, April). 3D Impact Analysis: A New Tool to Approach Impact Evaluations. [Seminar] Centre for Development Impact seminar series. Retrieved from: http://www.ids.ac.uk/events/3d-impact-analysis-a-new-tool-to-approach-impact-evaluations