ACFID and value for money - Discussion paper

The Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) created this discussion paper to generate meaningful debate and help their sector work with AusAID to define value for money better.

Additionally, the project aimed to develop or refine tools or assessment mechanisms that can be used to demonstrate value for money in a practical and appropriate way to ACFID members and the broader NGO and civil society sector.


  • ACFID Management Response
  • 'Value for Money' Acronyms and Definitions
  • Introduction
  • Defining and measuring 'Value for Money'
  • 'Value for Money' and aid policy
  • Australian NGOs and 'Value for Money'
  • 'Value for Money' criteria for ACFID members
  • Bibliography 


Davis, T. (2012). ACFID and 'Value for Money'. Retrieved from website:

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