AEA eStudy 045 - On-Demand access: Practical Regression Analysis for Evaluation

Presented by Jeff Wasbes, this on-demand webinar is suited both to those who are new to using quantitative methods in evaluation or and those who just need a little refresher to keep their skills sharp. This sStudy will focus on the basic tools, knowledge, and skills needed to use statistical regression to analyze data.

Course Details:

The course will start with an overview of the basic requisite knowledge you need to run a regression analysis and will include demonstrations of real-world examples.  In addition, the two-session eStudy will address the pragmatic, real-life challenges we face when using this statistical tool: what do we do when our real-world data violates the theoretical assumptions of regression?  How can we deal with messy or missing data?  How do we communicate simply and clearly about complicated findings?  How does this information fit into the larger context of my evaluation project?

You do not need any previous experience with regression to participate in the course fully.  If you have some experience, great!  You are very likely to learn or contribute something during the rich discussion of real-world, practical considerations about using this technique in an evaluation context.

Package includes:

2 recordings; session handouts and materials

Total of 3 hours




Wasbes, J. (2014). 'Practical Regression Analysis for Evaluation' in American Evaluation Association eStudy series [On-demand webinar]. Retrieved from: