areol: Convergent interviewing

This reading it taken from Session 8 of the online course Action Research and Evaluation Online (AREOL). It explains in detail the technique know as convergent Interviewing and how it can be used for effective data collection. 

Talking informally to people can be an effective option for data collection.  The interviewing option described in this resource resembles informal conversation in some respects. 


  • Introduction
  • In brief
  • The interview
  • The interview series
  • Sampling
  • Probe questions
  • Convergent interviewing and involvement
  • Convergent interviewing as action research
  • Applications
  • Archived resources
  • Other reading
  • Notes
  • Activities
  • In summary 


Dick, B.  (2002) Convergent interviewing.  Session 8 of Areol - action research and evaluation on line. URL 

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