Art Based Evaluation (ABE)

This guide, authored by Margo Charlton for Artreach Toronto, provides detailed guidance on using creative activities in conjunction with other evaluation methods in order to gain a clearer picture of the impact of a project/program.

'Objectives of Art Based Evaluation (ABE)

  • Encourage multiple ways of expression.
  • Express complex ideas.
  • Encourage participants to share their feelings.
  • Embrace the idea that we are all creative beings.
  • Build on the creativity fostered in the project.
  • Lay the ground for more in-depth responses
  • through questionnaires or interviews.
  • Give a quick snapshot of where a group is at.
  • Generate materials (poems, drawing, collages, etc.)
  • to be used in final reports.'

(ArtReach, p. 5)


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