Building an organization’s capacity to conduct use focused evaluations using a mentoring approach

This case study examines how LIRNEasia’s CPRsouth Program used Utilization Focused Evaluation in a program in conjunction with the Developing Evaluation Capacity ICTD (DECI) Programme.


  • Utilization Focused Evaluation
  • The UFE Framework
  • UFE — Background
  • UFE — The What
  • UFE — The How
  • UFE — Outcomes
  • UFE — Lessons Learned


Kumar-­‐Range, S., Kapugama, N., & Samarajiva, R. LIRNEasia’s CPRsouth Program, (n.d.).Developing evaluation capacity (DECI) — building an organization’s capacity to conduct use-focused evaluations using a mentoring approach. Retrieved from website: