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Changeroo is a subscription-based Theory of Change creator.

It is web-based and has a focus on allowing collaboration and co-creation with stakeholders. The website also has a number of resources for further reading about the Theory of Change.

This resource and the following information was contributed by Martin Klein.

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Martin H. Klein, Chief changemaker at Changeroo

Key features of Changeroo

Changeroo is an online tool to develop and manage high-quality Theories of Change. It supports the development of a learning culture and helps turn a ToC into a living document of critical reflection and co-creation, offers a basis for communication and engagement, and eventually makes ToC thinking truly a strategic management approach to creating societal value.

How have you used or intend on using this resource?

You can use Changeroo on your own. Changeroo its easy to use and the ToC specific features make the process of developing and adapting a ToC easier compared to drawing-software. It really helps to present the narrative behind a ToC. Also the plethora of guiding content is helpful whenever a user needs assistance with something.

But Changeroo especially makes it easier to make your ToC development process an actual co-creation process with stakeholders. Adjustments are implemented in real-time and you can work simultaneously on the same ToC from different computers. It provides a place to record new insights over time.

It is not meant as a substitute for face-to- face contact and workshops, but as complementary to such.

Why would you recommend it to other people?

Changeroo helps make a Theory of Change a living document. An interactive and inspirational ToC that provides a basis for learning, monitoring and evaluation, planning, communication and engagement. The ability to present information – using text, images and video – behind the ToC its elements and relationships, generates a more interactive and inspirational narrative. It enables users to presents assumptions, indicators, needs and more, and to integrate all this information in the ToC’s visualisation. It also helps to keep a ToC more organised, for example with the ability to nest ToCs.


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