Collective Action in CGIAR Capacity Development

This is the project report on a study conducted on the collective action in capacity development by International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in collaboration with various other CGIAR Centres. It discusses past, present and future collaboration in capacity development within CGIAR  as well as the strengths, opportunities, limitations and constraints affecting inter-Centre collaboration, which will be crucial for the implementation of the ongoing and planned CGIAR Regional Projects (CRPs).

The report tells the story of the project activities which were undertaken 
by ILRI and 11 other CGIAR Centres as well as various other 
international, regional and national institutions active, or with an interest in 
capacity development in agricultural research for development.


  • Capacity development - concepts and principles
  • CGIAR Inter-centre capacity development
  • CGIAR Research programmes (CRPs)
  • Collective action
  • The E-Consultation
  • The Partner workshops


Mehta-Bhatt, P. & Jr. Beniest J. Collective Action in CGIAR Capacity Development. Capacity Development Unit & International Livestock Research Institute. Retrieved from