Constituent voice

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This webpage from Keystone Accountability looks at the use of constituent voice as a way of discovering what beneficiaries think about plans, performance and reports.

While it is a tool to manage performance, the data can also be used as an early indicator of change taking place. The page includes a free online tool, a guide to its use and a technical note that goes into greater detail about the methodology used for constituent voice.


"In developing the Constituent Voice method, Keystone has drawn from tested customer satisfaction techniques, and has adapted them to the context of development where people’s choice is often limited by the monopolistic position of aid agencies and government service providers.

Using constituent voice organisations can systematically:

  • ensure that all relevant constituents are involved in planning projects and defining success;
  • ask for feedback from constituents on the organization's work;
  • report feedback and other performance measures back to constituents, as the basis for reflection, future planning and action; and
  • manage your performance to constituent voice evidence, findings and conclusions." (Keystone Accountability, 2014)


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