Core concepts in developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks (2014)

This guide developed by Anne Markiewicz and Associates defines the parameters of routine monitoring and periodic evaluation that should take place over the life of an initiative or program

The resource identifies data to be generated, aggregated and analysed on a routine basis for formative and summative evaluation processes that are used to inform organisational decision-making and learning.


  • Definitions of Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Functions and Principles of Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Stakeholders
  • Program logic
  • Evaluation questions
  • The monitoring plan
  • The evaluation plan
  • Data collection and management
  • Learning and communication strategy
  • The format for a Monitoring and Evaluation framework
  • Glossary of Monitoring and Evaluation terms


Markiewicz, A. (2014) Core Concepts in Developing Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks. Anne Markiewicz and Associates.

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