Create an accessible Office document

This free, online training course by Microsoft Office teaches participants about accessibility and how to increase the accessibility of your documents for various users with disabilities.

The course should take between 30-40 minutes to complete and is recommended for intermediate users of Microsoft Office.


"Imagine that you are a designer of shopping malls. You don't know exactly who is going to use your mall, so you have to design it to be accessible to everyone. For example, you would include automatic doors for people in wheelchairs.

If you create documents for a wide audience, the likelihood is that your audience includes people who have a disability. This course will teach you many ways in which you can make your documents more accessible."

Course objectives

  • Understand different types of physical disability.
  • Appreciate how a document can be inaccessible to some people because of a disability.
  • Create documents that are more accessible by:
  • Using a proper font size.
  • Adding text that describes a graphic.
  • Changing screen colors.
  • Positioning hyperlinks wisely.
  • Knowing what to do with animated text.


  • What is accessibility?
    • Types of disability 
    • The golden rule 
    • Customized computers 
    • Practice 
    • Test yourself 
  • Accessibility tips for vision disabilities
    • About screen readers and Braille devices 
    • Documents for people who are blind  
    • Accessible tables  
    • Make active features in your document accessible  
    • People who are color blind  
    • Accessible documents for people with low vision    
    • Practice
    • Test yourself  
  • Accessibility tips for other disabilities
    • Hearing disabilities
    • Mobility disabilities
    • Cognitive and language disabilities
    • Seizure disabilities
    • Practice
    • Test yourself


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