Decision making matrix - Word template

A decision making matrix can be useful to summarise decision makers and types of decisions in a matrix which can be referred to when developing and implementing evaluation processes.

This tool provides a template that can be edited to fit the needs of a specific evaluation.

The information provided was supplied by Alice Macfarlan, BetterEvaluation Website and Engagement Coordinator, ANZSOG.

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Key features

This decision making matrix was created in a word document so that users can edit the fields to suit their evaluation. It contains links to further reading on the BetterEvaluation website about identifying decision making processes in an evaluation.

The matrix can be downloaded, using the links at the top of this page, as an editable Word Document or as a view only PDF document.

Who is this resource useful for?

  • Commissioners/managers of evaluation;
  • Evaluators;
  • Those involved in evaluation capacity strengthening;

How have you used or intend on using this resource?

I intend on using this resource to ensure everyone in an evaluation team is on the same page in terms of who needs to be brought in at which stage in an evaluation. I'm currently working on a project with a number of different stakeholder groups that includes evaluation experts, program staff, and senior managers, and so this document will be useful in creating clear expectations between the evaluation team and these groups about the decision making process.

Why would you recommend it to other people?

Documenting the decision making process can help avoid problems down the line with your evaluation, both by having clearly agreed upon roles for each stakeholder group that lay out how much weight each group's input will carry, and by avoiding overburdening stakeholders with decisions that they aren't necessarily required to weigh into.

I'd recommend really thinking through your stakeholder groups and the key decisions that need to be made in your evaluation in order to best adapt this matrix to your needs, which the resources linked to in the document can help with.


BetterEvaluation (2017). Decision Making Matrix [Word document]. Retrieved from

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