The design and use of capacity development indicators

This paper provides a broad generic framework for analysing key aspects of capacity development allowing the assessment of them through the use of indicators.

"Capacity development Indicators can push participants to think through cause and effect relationships and their own perspectives on what constitutes capacity and performance.  They also can play a key role in monitoring, evaluation and organizational learning." (Morgan 1997 p vi)


  • Capacity development - some assumptions p4
  • Implications for the design of cd indicators p10
  • Facilitating and process factors to do with capacity development indicators p14
  • Capacity development to do what? p15
  • For what is the capacity development strategy to be used? p16
  • What processes to facilitate change should be used? p21
  • What outside factors will need to be considered? p24
  • The design of capacity development indicators p26
  • The product p27
  • Performance or outcomes p32
  • Permanence or the sustainability issue p33
  • Capacity development indicators p34
  • Capacity development indicators - some operational guidelines p37
  • Advantages and disadvantages p37
  • Some operational guidelines p39

Specific Options Mentioned

  • 3 P’s approach (Product, Performance, Permanence) – p. 26-36


Morgan, P. (1997). The Design and Use of Capacity Development Indicators. Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) . Retrieved from

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