Developing and evaluating evaluation budgets: Checklist tool

This checklist is designed to provide assistance to evaluators in developing an evaluation budget, taking 'cost-effectiveness' and 'fiscal responsibility' standards into account. 

This instrument includes several typical cost item categories relating to evaluations. In addition, questions or statements are used to urge the user to think through and decide while allocating resources.  

Budget is an integral part of every evaluation. This checklist helps the users to consider different types of expenditure related to an evaluation activity and provides further assistance in thinking through the subcategories. You can go through the list as a guide and create your own budget. However, there could be some categories that are not directly relevant to your particular assignment, or there could be other categories unique to your situation that you would like to add as the need arises. Nevertheless, this checklist can be a good guide to start with.

This checklist does not provide an EXHAUSTIVE List of Categories, and the user needs to be careful about any unique features/requirements of their situation while budgeting.


  • Basic Considerations
  • Format
  • Personnel Costs
  • Travel
  • Supplies and Materials
  • Communications
  • Copying and Printing
  • Other-Consultants
  • In-kind or Cost Sharing
  • Indirect/Overhead


Horn, J. (2001). A checklist for developing and evaluating evaluation budgets. Western Michigan University. Retrieved from:

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