Developing and implementing an effective evaluation maturity model

This 90-minute webinar organised by the Canberra Regional Network of the Australian Evaluation Society focuses on the use of evaluation maturity models, which provide a roadmap for improving evaluation capability and culture within an organisation.

These models typically consist of criteria for success and performance levels that guide understanding and action about the planning, conduct and use of evaluation.

The webinar is presented by Jade Maloney, partner and Managing Director of ARTD Consultants, Brad Astbury, Associate Professor in Health Systems Evaluation, University of Melbourne, Duncan Rintoul, Director of Rooftop Social consultancy, and Scott Bayley, individual consultant, all experienced in doing evaluation and in strengthening organisational evaluation capacity.

The webinar includes:

  • A quick summary of the international capacity building/diagnostic literature
  • An overview of the importance of evaluation maturity and how it relates to the Department of Finance’s new evaluation guidance
  • A presentation of a maturity model and a discussion of how it could be used to strengthen evaluation capacity
  • Questions and comments from participants in the live event.