The developmental evaluation institute

The Developmental Evaluation Institute (DEI) website aims to provide pathways for new, emerging, and mid-career evaluators to develop skills in Developmental Evaluation for social justice.

This resource and the following information was contributed by Kate McKegg.

Authors and their affiliation

The Developmental Evaluation Institute

  • Co-founders: Nan Wehipeihana, Kate McKegg, Nora Murphy Johnson
  • Collaborators: Nora Murphy Johnson, Jane Davidson, A. Rafael Johnson, Katarina Pipi

Key features

The Developmental Evaluation Institute was formed in 2016 and is committed to providing pathways for new, emerging and mid-career evaluators to develop skills in developmental evaluation. 

The Institute has a resource library that is all about developmental evaluation.

The Institute also offers training and professional development in developmental evaluation for evaluators and communities and their funders. 

And more recently, the Institute published the inaugural DEI e-anthology, providing a space for different peoples and perspectives, to give voice to the potentiality of developmental evaluation; its practice, its promise and its contribution to a socially just and equitable world. 

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The DEI Institute invites those visiting to download resources, read, reflect, and share widely. 

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The need for people in communities and organisations to innovate has never been greater, as we face local, regional, national and global challenges to our way of lives, our environments and our cultures.

Any quest for social innovation and transformation works within a frame of uncertainty, and often requires enormous leaps at the front end to find a way forward.  

We believe developmental evaluation skills are relevant, necessary, and important for evaluators playing a role in systems change that supports increased social justice and equity.


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