DFAT design and monitoring and evaluation standards

These updated design, monitoring and evaluation standards from the Australian Government aim to "improve the quality and use of Design and M&E products, and to integrate evaluative thinking into everyday work".

Originally developed by the Indonesia Program as part of their Evaluation Capacity Building Program - an institutional change program to improve the quality and use of M&E and to integrate evaluative thinking into everyday work. They were integrated into agency-wide evaluation guidance in 2012 and provide a strong tool for the articulation of expectations of the quality expected from a range of M&E products in the aid program.

The standards have been updated in 2022 to incorporate the full program cycle; revising and refreshing existing guidance and adding new standards.

  • Standard 1: Investment Concept Note (ICN)
  • Standard 2: Investment Design – Terms of Reference
  • Standard 3: Program Logic/Theory of Change
  • Standard 4: Investment Design
  • Standard 5: Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Plan and System
  • Standard 6: Program Progress Reports
  • Standard 7: DFAT Program Manager Monitoring
  • Standard 8: Independent Evaluation - Reference for Independent Evaluations
  • Standard 9: Independent Evaluation Plans
  • Standard 10: Independent Evaluation Reports


Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. (2022). DFAT Design and Monitoring and Evaluation Standards. Australian Government. Retrieved from: https://www.dfat.gov.au/about-us/publications/Pages/dfat-monitoring-and-evaluation-standards

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