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Eco Evidence is a useful tool for anyone required to review the literature on a specific topic of interest, especially those exploring cause-and-effect questions from existing literature.

Through the facilitation of evaluation and causal assessment in environmental management, Eco Evidence encourages drawing on the extensive pool of published research. Users have the option of searching and accessing a reusable ‘knowledge bank’ to obtain a list of citations relevant to specific cause-effect associations along with information extracted from scientific papers on which to base an evidence-based systematic literature review or causal assessment.

Eco Evidence was designed as a part of the E-water Toolkit Website.


"The Eco Evidence analysis method is available now (see documentation) and is supported by a software package that consists of an online database for storing evidence extracted from publications, and a desktop analysis tool with a user-interface to guide the analyst through the 8-step process of assessing the level of support for cause–effect hypotheses."

Source: Overview Eco Evidence Tool.


  • Overview
  • Purpose
  • Online database
  • Analyser software (Download available)
  • Target user group
  • Complexity
  • Example applications
  • Overview of features, advantage and benefits


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